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US Military in Action ~ OffBook Gold Stockpiles ~ End of BigPharma 12/25 ~ Roaches No Challenge

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I’ve just made a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT on today’s call - with LIVE INTEL….
(It was almost at the end, just before the UFO’s)

See the picture on the Replay when you press “Play” - that 10’ wall went up today
…..completely surrounding the Washington, D.C. Federal Reserve building!!!

Links for audio material presented during podcast, listed below - just click to play

George Galloway: "It's done," Liz Truss

US Governors Turn on the CDC

Laura Ingraham/Miranda Devine - Collusion: Big Tech & DHS

Tucker on 150+ UFO Report 2021

No BigPharma after 12/25/22

Heart Attack Guns - Dr Ardis

Dr. McCullough on Kids SADS

Mike Adams - Dead Voters

President Trump - Sebatian Gorka

Bix Weir/X22 - OffBook Gold and MORE

Dr Tom Cowan - Lies about "Heart Attacks"

Nino/Kerry on Juan O'Savin

C137 in The Vaxx - Todd Calender

Mike Adams/Todd Calender AI Plan will Fail

With Much Love, and Gratitude ~

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