BRICS Wins $ to Zero ~ “They Want You Dead” ~ Brunson Game-Changer ~ Special Message 4 Digital Warriors

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Tucker on Balenciaga

Philippe Argillier PROVES the "shadow government"

Who is Philippe Argillier = Interesting!

Dr. Carrie Madey on Dr. Emoto

Alex Jones Recap on SRA

Dr Peter McCullough - VAX Deaths Proven

US Government on the QFS

DJT on Laptop in 2020 on 60 Minutes

Lauren Boebert - Now it’s time to deliver on our promises!

WoW - I can’t BELIEVE IT….well, its a SHOCK
I can’t post the Brunson case for you here - Substack won’t let me!!!
I tried the link separately too, on another browser - works just fine.


Let’s see what else I can post for you here…

Alex/ Project Verita/HHS Child Theft

President Tump - Hang in There

Dr Peter McCullough on TRANSMISSION

Levi - Are You a Spiritual Warrior?

All THAT, but they won’t let me tell you about the Brunson case???
What are we going to DO about Substack!
I’m so disappointed, I can’t tell you.

On the other hand….REALLY EXCITED - listen to the Replay!
Stay tuned….


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